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What our customers are saying

"I've been using CTS for over 5 years with all types of shipments. They have always been top-notch with their service and always go above and beyond."

- Dustin Thomas, HTC, Inc.

"Creative Transportation is the most professional and friendly company we have ever done business with. They take all of the headache our of scheduling out shipments, especially when it comes to trade show shipping. CTS = Johnny on the spot!!"

- Kendall Aldridge, IHI Compact Excavators.

"I am merely wasting my time by continuing to request quotes from other potential Transportation Companies. Cost isn't necessarily always the primary deciding factor in making a final decision for Products, Services, Suppliers, Vendors, etc. But each and every time I have received quotes from CTS as well as three other potential haulers, CTS is always the most cost efficient. The service received from CTS is bar none the best I have ever received in my 18 yrs. as Trade Show Manager with Hafele. Others do occasionally come close to matching their price but what you get from CTS service wise is unbelievable. The communication & preparation they put forth leading up to the Show, during the Show and post Show is exemplary. I have also never had any issues relating to their services regarding pick up/delivery times or damaged freight/goods. Once I made the transition to CTS a few years back, having them makes me quite a bit more at ease knowing what I'm getting and it's only icing on the cake that they continually come in with the best price as well."

- Stephan Lenz, Hafele America

"CTS has been a trusted service provider and partner for our firm for many years. Their dedicated attention to customer service and satisfaction is unparalleled. In an industry filled with countless curveballs and second-to-second changes CTS has always protected our interests without hesitation. Quick, responsive, and effective."

- Dan Mazin, Marroquin Organic International, Inc.

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